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2020 - Weed Update

As we emerge from two months of “isolation” we are looking forward to enjoying each other on the waters of the upper St. Joseph River. The St. Joseph River Association, Inc. (SJRA) is a great way to stay connected and keep up on the events happening on our waterway. 

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In this edition of the SJRA News we are going to be sharing with you information from several groups that will be hosting events this season.

Before we discuss the “fun” events we need to address why the SJRA,Inc was formed in the first place. We are a group of people committed to protecting and improving the St. Joseph River through education, positive environmental practices and helping to keep our waterway safe, clean and enjoyable for everyone that uses it. One of these things is combating native and invasive weeds.  

The SJRA,Inc’s board members are: Richard Bond, Brad Miller, Bruce Shreiner, Tom Shoff and Tony Warning. They receive a great deal of assistance from Cairre Fuller and Stacey Corpe.

Last year we had our first case of Nitellopsis obtuse or more commonly referred to as Starry Stonewort.  Starry Stonewort is an invasive green alga that can grow tall and dense, forming mats on the surface of the water that interferes with recreation.


Starry Stonewort has never been successfully eradicated from any body of water but it can be controlled by herbicides. In the past the SJRA has not applied for DNR grants to help control weeds because most of our weeds naturally inhabit our waterway yet they still cause problems.  DNR grant dollars can only be used to control non-native invasive weeds.  This year the SJRA went through the arduous process of applying for and winning a $ 5,000 grant.  This is the maximum the DNR gives.  We anticipate the total cost of our weed control program to cost $ 50,000 this year.  We urgently need your help in the way of contributions to reach our goal.  The SJRA, Inc is a 501©3 organization so your contributions are completely tax deductible.  Enclosed is a donation card that we ask you to return with your contribution.

We all can agree that we must fight this invasive aquatic weed problem. The weeds affect our enjoyment of the river as well as the enjoyment of the river by all recreational users, and they affect our property values, too.

We want to thank you for generously donating to our unified cause in the past years.  We are asking you to continue to support your association and its efforts to improve the quality of the river by making another donation this year. Remember the SJRA, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; therefore your donations are tax deductible.  Donating is easy, visit: www.sjrainc.com and click on the link to donate via your credit card; you will still receive a receipt for tax purposes. You may also choose the option to mail a check made out to SJRA, Inc. and send it along with the donation card in the enclosed return envelope. Please include your email address on the donation card so we can email you back your tax receipt. This allows us to save on postage expense and handling costs. If you are not yet a SJRA Sponsor you can register on the web site so that you won’t miss future important information, and we promise not to clog your inbox. The SJRA, Inc. does not share your name, email address or donation amounts with any third parties.

Thank you for your continued support by being a Sponsor.

Now, let’s go boating!


St. Joseph River Association, Inc.


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